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About Balmar DC Charging Solutions

Balmar knows How to Charge Your Batteries!

Balmar has been serving the Recreational Marine Industry for over 30 years. They supply DC Charging Products and Battery Monitors to help sailors and power boaters charge and monitor their batteries more efficiently. Balmar is recognized throughout the industry for its innovative technology, expert technical service and product reliability.

Designers and manufacturers of:

The highest output and most reliable alternators available in the Marine Industry, including the patented Smart Ready® Alternator designs.
External Multi-Stage Regulators which provide "smart charging" of your battery banks.
Patented Altmount® Pulley Conversion Kits for serpentine belt/pulley conversions required to accommodate high power alternators.
SmartgaugeTM Battery Monitors for the most accurate battery monitoring available today.

They support these innovative products with their best-in-the-industry Technical Service Group. They're with you throughout the process of (a) identifying the best charging system for your vessel, (b) properly installing, and (c) optimizing the operation of your charging system. Just ask anyone who is using Balmar!

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Manufacturer's Website and Catalog

Website: Balmar.net

Download Catalog: Balmar Catalog

Email: sales@epmarine.com



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